Amazing Benefits Of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil has been in use since the ancient times due to its powerful medicinal value. Sandalwood was also used in the ancient India in religious ceremonies and rituals where it was considered indispensable and holy.

Its health or medicinal value if attributed to its potent properties which include anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, cicatrisant, diuretic, disinfectant, expectorant, memory booster, tonic, carminative, emollient, hypotensive and antispasmodic. The essential oil of sandalwood is obtained from the sandalwood plant through the process of steam distillation. It should be extracted from mature sandalwood trees. These are the health benefits associated with Sandalwood oil.


The essential oil and paste obtained from sandalwood plant are sued as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. They can be used for providing relief to the various types of inflammation affecting the brain, excretory, nervous systems, and circulatory systems. These inflammations might result from fevers, infections, poisoning, wounds, insect bites, and from the side effects associated with antibiotics.



Sandalwood essential oil is used in cosmetic industry and religious ceremonies due to its powerful disinfectant property. Its strong fragrance is used in keeping the small insects and microbes away. This oil is therefore used widely in sprays, evaporators and incense sticks. This oil can be used in disinfecting large areas.


This essential oil has mild astringent properties. This property makes it useful in inducing contractions in your muscles, gumsĀ and the skin. It is therefore beneficial for strengthening of the gums, muscles and as well as tightening of the skin cells.


This oil has potent anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties which makes t useful in soothing inflammation which affects the urinary system. It is also used for inducing relaxations this promoting easier passage of urine. This, in turn, helps in increasing the quantity and frequency of urination. Urination process is helpful in getting rid of the dangerous toxins from your body.…